Looking For A Mobile Auto Paint Booth?

How can this change your business?

Owning a Mobile Environmental Solutions mobile paint booth opens up dozens of location options!

No longer be held back by weather, location or fear of over spray on nearby buildings or vehicles.

Mobile Environmental Solutions is America’s leading provider when it comes to mobile booths with advanced technology airflow for the collision repair industry.  A clean working environment in any location.

We are committed to providing the most ECO friendly booth on the market, not only for the businesses we serve, but for everyone around us as well.

Mobile Auto Paint Booth
Mobile Auto Paint Booth

A Mobile Auto Paint Booth will make your business efficient and profitable.

A better solution period!! 

With clean filters, each paint booth exceeds the 98% efficient rate as required by the EPA 6h rule.

Check out everything that is standard with the brand new MES23X15HDLT

All material used to construct these booths meets the NFPA 701 test.
Don’t get a fine from the Fire Marshall or the EPA, be completely compliant!

The perfect solution if you don’t want a paint booth rental, or have the space or the money for an expensive permanent paint booth.

Overspray will no longer be a concern in any location as well as drastically reducing the amount of materials used painting outdoors.

We offer many options to fit your needs!

Mobile auto paint booth, Spray on bedliner booth, Mobile prep booth, auto detailing and paintless dent repair (PDR).

We give you the flexibility to pick up extra retail work and never turn down big jobs again.

Do more jobs in less time and fit more in by spraying in a clean mobile auto paint booth.