So, you’re in need of a portable

Car Spray Booth?

Mobile Environmental Solutions has just what you’ve been searching for!

red Car in car Spray Booth

Mobile Environmental Solutions has the only, made in the USA, portable car spray booth that is compliant with the EPA 6H rule.

We are the leading U.S. provider of portable car spray booths with advanced airflow technology for the collision repair industry.

Never turn away work due to limited space, or inclement weather. We are committed to providing the most ECO friendly, mobile car spray booth on the market, not only for the companies we serve, but all the people around us as well.

Imagine a clean work environment all while being in complete compliance with the EPA 6H rules.

Car Spray Booth
Car Spray Booth

The time has finally come!

A portable car spray booth designed to help you become profitable and efficient!

Its a better solution. Period!

Less time wasted

You will be able to schedule more paint jobs in a single day because you will spend less time buffing out dirt spots. No wasted time trying to paint outdoors, or in contaminated work spaces.

Reduce your waste

Inclement weather will no longer be an issue, blowing wind and dust all gone. Spraying in a controlled environment saves on materials..

Improve your work

A portable spray booth is a prefect replacement if you don’t have space or money to repair an existing permanent paint booth. Extra bonus you don’t have to worry about a fine from the fire department for not being EPA compliant!

Increase revenue

More jobs in less time by spraying in a clean environment each and every time. Schedule extra work and never turn down the big jobs again. You are not able to provide quality paint jobs by having a clean booth.

Have more control

Never worry about overspray on nearby vehicles and buildings. This alone drastically reduces the amount of materials used on every job. The cost of wasted paint adds up very quickly.


Increase professionalism

Everyone will notice that your business cares about the environment. This will build a positive reputation for your business with in the community.


Call Mobile Environmental Solutions today to start building your business with the Mobile spray both!