Motorcycle Paint Booth

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Motorcycle Paint Booth

Having a clean environment to paint is imperative to a quality paint job.  Having a mobile motorcycle paint booth can increase your flexibility and productivity.

Imagine never turning down work again because of lack of space or a proper place to paint.

Mobile Environmental Solutions offers the only made in America mobile paint booth that is compliant with the EPA 6H rule.

A mobile Motorcycle Paint Booth in Minutes!

When spraying in a clean, controlled environment, you not only save materials, you save time.

You save time by eliminating the dust and dirt that always ends up on the paint in open air painting. You save materials by not painting in the wind and worrying about overspray on nearby vehicles or buildings.

Since we offer mobile paints booths, this gives you the freedom of painting anywhere, anytime. You can use our system to paint on location or even use the mobile motorcycle paint booth as an extension of your own facility.

When the community sees you care enough about, not only your business, but the surrounding environment you will earn respect!

This respect will earn you customers because they see you care. Made in the U.S.A each mobile paint booth meets the NFPA 701 test. With clean filters, each booth exceeds the 98% efficiency rate as required by the EPA 6H rule.

When purchasing a mobile paint booth you have optional items you can add to personalize your booth!

There will be additional costs on the items listed below.

  • Cargo Carrier for the trailer hitch
  • 2 of your own company logo banners
  • Booth transport dolly
  • Replacement exhaust filters
  • Replacement inlet air filter
  • Shipping and handling
Motorcycle Paint Booth
Motorcycle Paint Booth
Motorcycle Paint Booth

Mobile Environmental Solutions, LLC. Offers a One Year Warranty on labor and material against any defect in manufacturing. This doesn’t include shipping to and from Mobile Environmental Solutions manufacturing plant.

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