Mobile Booths:

The Solution for Collision Repair Specialists

Do you have an auto body shop that prides itself on creating a perfect paint job?

Is space in your work area limited and you constantly have to clean up after respraying a car or truck?

If so, then a mobile painting booth is just what you need to maximize your productivity and deliver top-quality results.

Mobile Environmental Solutions is proud to offer inflatable American-made mobile painting booths.

These booths can be assembled quickly and are large enough for a full-sized truck to drive in.

When you’re done, just deflate it and pack it away in the included storage bag.

You’ll never have to worry about finding room in your shop or outside again!

Mobile Booths

What Can Mobile Environmental Solutions’ Mobile Booths Do For You?

Portable painting booths like the ones offered by Mobile Environmental Solutions have been getting a lot of attention in the news and on TV for a good reason.

They’re an affordable, environmentally friendly solution for all your auto body painting needs.

The secret to mobile paint booths is the controlled environment that they can provide whenever and wherever you need it.

Try them and you won’t have to worry about wind, dust, or particles falling into the paint as it dries. Over-spray and fallout are also a thing of the past.

These mobile painting booths keep your work area clean and the built-in filters prevent contaminates from leaking out into the air.

Mobile Booths
Mobile Booths

Inflatable Mobile Booths: Good for the Environment and Your Business

Real Customer Reviews (From Facebook)

“This product is awesome. Works perfect in every way. Best part is Made in America and built to last…”

– J. Nichols

“Great product and even Better Staff and Customer service!

I’ll be taking one home soon!!”

– D. Curd

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