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The MES 45x19x14 XL

Paint Spray Booth

The MES 45x19x14 paint spray booth has a wider build to allow for medium duty commercial equipment, military equipment, service bodies, RV’s, semi’s, and larger vehicles with dual wheels.

You will be able to schedule more jobs in a single day. Working in a clean environment, with no dirt or dust blowing around, will allow quicker turn around with better results!

paint spray booth front image

MES 45x19x14 XL Portable Paint Spray Booth  

Items listed come standard with the purchase of the MES 45x19x14 XL

  • 1 – 45x19x14 XL Fully Enclosed Portable Paint Booth

  • 3 Exhaust Filters

  • 18 Inlet Filters

  • 1 Employee Entrance

  • 16 Side Windows

  • 4 Lower & 18 Upper Support D-Rings

  • 4 Emergency Exits

  • 8 Tie Down Straps

  • 1 Storage Bag

  • 5 – 110 Volt Blowers

  • 1 Minor Repair Patch Kit

  • 1 Serial Number along with Production Date

  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty**



  • Your Company Logos – 2

  • Cargo Carrier for Trailer Hitch

  • Booth Transport Dolly

  • Charcoal Exhaust Filter $199

  • Paint Pocket Exhaust Filter $149.00

  • Inlet Filter $4.49

paint spray booth lt frt view

Better Controls

Reduce waste by spraying in a controlled environment. No more spraying outside and worrying about the weather

paint spray booth rt side view

Better Productivity

Being able to paint anytime and anywhere, no matter what the weather is, may have only been a dream until now

paint spray booth inside view

Better Results

When customers see you care enough about not only their vehicle but the surrounding environment as well, they will see you care about your community.


When you simply need space. We’ve got you covered!

No more being paranoid about fines from the Fire Marshall or the EPA. With clean filters, every MES car spray booth meets all EPA guidelines as well as the new EPA 6H rule.

You have control to paint anywhere without worrying about overspray on nearby cars or buildings!

Contact Mobile Environmental Solutions today for a Paint Spray Booth to fit your needs!


It’s a smart business decision for your automotive business.

To find out more, call Mobile Environmental Solutions today.