A Clean Paint Spray Booth

You Can Take Anywhere

A mobile Paint Spray Booth can open so many new opportunities for your business.

Being able to paint anytime and anywhere, no matter what the weather is, may have only been a dream until now!

Mobile Environmental Solutions has the only made is the USA EPA 6H rule compliant mobile paint spray booth!

inflated white paint spray booth

There are so many advantages to having a mobile paint spray booth!

You will be able to schedule more jobs in a single day. Working in a clean environment, with no dirt or dust blowing around, will allow quicker turn around with better results!

Reduce waste by spraying in a controlled environment. No more spraying outside and worrying about the weather. Spraying in open air costs more in materials and causes extra work. No wind to blow your paint around and away from the intended target, saving in materials and time.

Your reputation is vital especially if you’re in a small town. When customers see you care enough about not only their vehicle, but the surrounding environment as well, they will see you care about your community.

inflated red paint spray booth
deflated paint spray booth

From bag to booth in minutes!

Mobile Environmental Solutions mobile Paint Spray Booth will allow you to work worry free.

No more being paranoid about fines from the Fire Marshall or the EPA. With clean filters every MES car spray booth meets all EPA guidelines as well as the new EPA 6H rule.

You have control to paint anywhere without worrying about overspray on nearby cars or buildings!

Contact Mobile Environmental Solutions today for a Paint Spray Booth to fit your needs!