Portable Paint Booths

Automotive Portable Paint Booths

Mobile Environment Solutions (MES) has portable paint booths for collision repair shops. Our technology is safe, robust and environmentally friendly. Invented after years of experience in the collision industry we understand your unique challenges and needs.

Compliant with EPA 6H Rules

Our patent pending technology solves the problems of making an automobile paint booth that is safe and compliant with EPA 6H rules. Compared to an open air environment you will quickly realize the advantages of using a portable solution.

How Do Our Portable Paint Booths Work?

If you have not watched one of our videos, please see the video on the right to learn how our portable paint booths work.

It only takes a few minutes to inflate a booth and begin working.

Our customer love us because we provide a unique solution that is of the highest quality. Check out our social media to see what our customers are really saying!

When you use a portable paint booth from MES, you will gain increased efficiency, reduction of waste, and largely a better quality job.

Our air filtration system is beyond impressive. It exceeds the 98% capture efficiency regulation.

When you purchase a booth, you will have a full year warranty to protect you against manufacturing defects and labor.

How to Get Started

If you would like to learn more about our portable paint booth solutions, please email, or call us at: 281-786-4584.

We work with auto shops all across the nation and will make sure you are setup quickly.

Ask about our Financing!

We also offer easy financing to cover 100% of the cost to get up and running. An additional benefit is our solution is environmentally friend and will allow you to take advantage of special tax breaks. (Please speak with a tax professional in your area for exact details).

For more details you can download and print our brochure or please continue looking around our website.

Thank you!