Portable Car Paint Booth

Don’t turn away customers because you don’t have room or can’t paint outside.  Use a portable paint booth and increase your revenue!  Paint in any weather, any location any time with a Mobile Environmental Solutions portable car paint booth!

Have more control over when and where you paint.  Go to locations and be more flexible without worrying about nearby cars or buildings.  Drastically reduce the materials used by painting indoors.

All Materials used to construct the portable bedliner booths meet the NFPA 701 test. With clean filters, each booth exceeds the 98% efficient rate as required by the EPA 6H rule.

What you get with your Portable Car Paint Booth

  • 12 Fresh Air Inlets Paint Booth Pads (Along with Covers)
  • 3 Exhaust Portable Paint Booth Filters
  • 1 Automobile Entrance
  • 2 Employee Entrances
  • 2 Spray Equipment Access panels
  • 3 Rapid Air Release Slots

Show your customers you not only care for their vehicle and the quality but the environment as well.  The best advertisement is doing a quality job as well as being environmentally responsible.

Mobile Environmental Solutions is the leading provider in the U.S. of portable paint booths using advanced technology airflow and made in the USA.

Made in the USA logo

We are committed to providing the most ECO friendly portable booth on the market not only for the businesses we serve, but the people around us as well.  There is finally a portable car paint booth created to make your paint business efficient and profitable.


A better solution period!