Mobile Environmental Solutions

Inflatable Paint Booth!

Do you have a body shop and need a paint booth but either don’t have the money for a permanent building or the space?

Mobile Environmental Solutions offers an inflatable paint booth.

Our system gives you the luxury of setting up at any location in any weather. Made in the USA and meets the NFPA 701 Test. With clean filters each inflatable paint booth exceeds the 98% efficient rate as required by the EPA 6H rule.

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Never turn work away again!

Set up anytime, anywhere!

From bag to booth in 5 minutes.

The inflatable paint booth came about to make paint technicians more efficient, profitable and compliant with the EPA 6H rules.

Once you have worked in a Mobile Environmental Solutions inflatable paint booth you will find it hard to ever paint in open air again. With multiple patents pending for it’s exclusive design and airflow technology you will see what everyone is raving about!

We can help you increase your revenue, reduce product waste, control over spray and increase efficiency all while being environmentally aware and EPA compliant.

Each booth can be a source of advertisement with your company banner right on your booth.

Let everyone know you are not only cutting edge of technology but are also actively working to protect the environment.  All of this while you are working in a clean dust free paint booth, truly the best of both worlds!

Mobile Environmental Solutions was founded by previous management in the auto industry and as owners of a mobile spray-on bed liner business.  We saw the need for technicians to be able to use a quick set up booth in any weather and in any location, even as a home paint booth.  As a result, the mobile inflatable paint booth was born!

Mobile Environmental Solutions

Proudly Made in America!