Home Paint Booth

Are you’re looking for a way to make your paint business more profitable and efficient?

Home Paint BoothMobile Environmental Solutions can make it happen with the perfect size mobile booth for any job.

As the leading provider in the U.S. of portable mobile paint booths, MES has been providing collision repair experts across the US with equipment of the highest possible quality and of the latest technology available.

Once the word was out, our paint booths have become known by many professional painters around the US, including As Seen on TV in the Ellen Design Challenge.

We’re committed to a building paints booths that offer the cleanest working environment available in a mobile workstation.

Our equipment is in strict compliance with the new EPA 6H rules and guaranteed to be the most eco-friendly paint booth you will find in today’s marketplace.

What Our Home Paint Booth

Can Do For You

Our portable paint booths help mobile painting businesses such as yours optimize your revenue potential by allowing set up virtually any place you need a booth.

These booths are extremely similar to permanent painting structures in design and performance.

Home Paint BoothSuperior airflow technology ensures the highest possible degree of worker air safety as-well-as the surrounding outside environment.

A mobile paint booth will increase your efficiency allowing you to paint more and on your schedule, regardless of the weather.

The air flow alone will provide a better overall finish of your product.

Using an MES painting booth will also help you save significant in time and paint material costs.

No need to worry about overspray or unexpected inclement weather interfering with the job at hand. You’ll enjoy being able to handle more paint jobs per day with the consistency of a controlled environment.

The MES auto paint booths are also much less expensive than their permanent counterparts. We have plenty of financing options available to help you get one up and running as quick as possible.

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We’ll be happy to speak with you about all of the various advantages of using our mobile painting products.

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