Mobile Environmental Solutions’

Car Workstation

Car WorkstationEven the best respraying service may be tripped up by a dirty or windy environment.

Dust can contaminate a fresh paint job.

It takes time to retouch those areas and in the painting business, time is money. Over-spray can waste paint and create a health hazard.

The environmental solutions? Paint in a clean, controlled environment.

Why struggle with a drafty auto body shop or fight a losing battle with the dusty great outdoors? Instead, you can throw up an environmentally friendly inflatable workstation. Our portable commercial booth offers complete flexibility in any situation.

You’ll be up and running in minutes.

An Environmentally Friendly,

Inflatable, Car Workstation

Car WorkstationAt Mobile Environmental Solutions, we offer paint booths that can comfortably fit a full-sized truck. We also make bed liner booths which are perfect for smaller jobs.

Each model of inflatable workstation is designed to be portable, durable, and easy to assemble and take down.

Did you know that our products are certified Made in America?

That’s right, when you buy one of our car workstations, you are supporting American businesses.

We’ve sourced top of the line materials and work with the best manufacturers in the country. All of that comes together into a quality product that offers amazing value.

This Car Workstation Can Change How You Do Business

What do our customers have to say about Mobile Environmental Solutions’ mobile car workstations?

Facebook comment from J. Bailey:

I wish I had one of these. Not only great for cars. But furniture finishing as well. This is perfect!

Now is the perfect time to invest in this amazing product! The inflatable workstation is a great fit for all kinds of painting and refinishing businesses, from tables to trucks.

It can save paint, labor, and helps you preserve the environment, too!

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