Ever found yourself wanting to just roll out a mobile spray booth and paint?  

Have no fear, the mobile spray booth is here!

What if you could set up in any location, in any weather?

How would this impact your business? Imagine not turning work away because of no space, or less than perfect weather.

Mobile Spray Booth

A mobile spray booth answers all of those questions!.

Mobile Environmental Solutions has the only, made in the USA EPA 6H rule compliant, mobile spray booth. So many options when you have a mobile spray booth.

Any size you need we can customize them to fit your business.

Mobile Spray Booth
Mobile Spray booth

Bedliner Spray Booth

Mobile Environmental Solutions also offers a portable bedliner booth.
Made specifically for spray on bed liners you can open another revenue source. All materials used to construct the portable bedliner booths meet the NFPA 701 test. Each booth exceeds the 98% efficient rate as required by the EPA 6H Rule (with clean filters).

The items below are standard with the purchase of a brand new MES16X16HDBL mobile spray booth.


  • 1 16X16HDBL Enclosed Portable Bedliner Booth
  • 1 Truck cab divider
  • 1 Floor protector
  • 1 Employee entrance
  • 1 Minor repair kit
  • 1 Storage bag
  • 1 Serial Number and production date
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 2 Exhaust portable paint booth filters
  • 2 Spray Equipment access panels
  • 2 4000 CFM air movers
  • 2 Emergency Exits
  • 3 Side wall protectors
  • 3 Rapid air release slots
  • 4 Fresh air inlets paint booth pads/covers
  • 4 Truck cab divider protectors
  • 6 Tie down straps

Additional and optional items are; replacement inlet and exhaust filters, booth transport dolly, 2 your company logo banners.

Mobile Environmental Solutions can customize to fit your needs and your business’s needs. Never turn down jobs because you are out of space or your current paint booth is down. Don’t let the weather slow you down or cost you more in materials.

From bag to booth in minutes!

Mobile Environmental Solutions Made in USA EPA 6H Rule Compliant! Call today 888-321-1320