The Mobile Automotive Paint Booth

At Mobile Environmental Solutions, we offer automotive paint booths for those that are in the collision repair industry.

Once you find out more about our mobile paint booths, you are sure to want to make this addition to your business.

Invest in Your Business With an Automotive Paint Booth

Automotive Paint BoothThere are so many reasons to consider purchasing a portable paint booth, including:

  • Our portable booth is more affordable than permanent structures, and you can take it anywhere!
  • Purchasing a paint booth can help you increase finished jobs in a shorter length of time. You don’t have to spend as much time buffing as you would in open air spraying. You also have less chase transferring over-spray on surrounding property, vehicles or items.
  • Customers are sure to be impressed when they see the steps that you are taking to properly repair their vehicles.
  • You can reduce wasted materials by using a portable paint booth, allowing you to cut operating costs for your business.
  • You are sure to find that your work day is a whole lot easier when you have a mobile paint booth to rely on.

An Automotive Paint Booth Helps You Run a More Eco-Friendly Business

Automotive Paint BoothRunning your business in an eco-friendly manner is probably important to both you and your customers.

Luckily, an automotive spray booth can help. It will help prevent chemicals from being released into the air and can help prevent you from acquiring fines and fees.

Not only is the environment sure to appreciate it, but you and your customers are sure to, as well.

Contact Us to Find Out About Our Automotive Paint Booth Options

If you are ready to purchase our automotive portable paint booths, contact us at Mobile Environmental Solutions at 888-321-1320 today.

You can choose from various sizes and options such as a motorcycle paint booth, and you can even apply for financing if you want to make your purchase a little more affordable.

We will be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about our products, so give us a call!