Your Business Will Go Places with a Portable Booth

Is your auto body painting business growing and you’re having trouble keeping up with the demand?

Do you have a small work area and have to put other projects on hold when you spray a vehicle?

Are dust and particles falling into paint a problem, causing costly and time-consuming touch-ups?

A portable painting booth likes the ones offered by Mobile Environmental Solutions might just be the solution that you need.

These lightweight, inflatable booths are extremely durable. They can be assembled and inflated in minutes and then tuck out of the way when you don’t need them.

They also can be used both indoors and outdoors and are large enough for cars and trucks to be driven inside.

Portable Booth

Portable Painting Booth: As Easy As One, Two, Three

Our mobile paint booths create a clean environment to work in, anytime, anywhere. Don’t let the wind blow your paint – and profits – away!

Invest in one of our portable booths to revitalize your business and offer amazing, professional quality results.

The booths offer the perfect environmentally friendly solution for minimizing air pollution. They’ll keep the wet paint right where it belongs and prevent messy particle fallout.

You’ll enjoy professional, top-quality results every time.

portable booth

Check out this customer review from Atlanta Auto Color, a professional painting service who relies on our products to help them lay down a smooth, properly adhering, dust-free coat:

“(These booths) give us a leg up on the competition… It shows that we care about our clients’ property as if it were our own. We’ve also seen improvements in the quality; we’re able to do it right the first time.”

Mobile Environmental Solutions: Portable Booth For Perfect Paint Results

Mobile Environmental Solutions is located in Montgomery, Texas and is proud to serve customers across the country.

Call us today and let our expert operators help you pick the right mobile painting solution to maximize your business!

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Portable Booth