Mobile Environmental Solutions

Auto Spray Booth

is created to make your paint business efficient and profitable.

Why do you need an Auto Spray Booth?

  • A clean working environment can be achieved in any location.
  • Compliant with the EPA 6H rules.

Auto Spray booth

Material used to construct the portable auto spray booths meet the NFPA 701 test.  With clean filers, each automotive spray booth exceeds the 98% efficient rate that is required by the EPA 6H rule.

We are committed to providing the most ECO friendly mobile auto spray booth on the market, not only for the businesses we server, but the people around us as well. A better solution PERIOD!

Imagine never turning work down again because of no paint booth or inability to paint on site!  From bag to booth in minutes!  Set up almost anywhere at any time and be compliant with OSHA rules.  Expand your business and increase your profits by setting up on location or bringing in more customers to your current location.

Reduce waste by spraying in a controlled environment.

  • No more inclement weather to interfere with your productivity.
  • No blowing dust to ruin your paint!
  • Reduce the amount of materials used in open air painting.

When your customers see you not only care about their vehicle but the surrounding environment, you will gain respect from your community.

Spend less time and money buffing out dirt spots on your paint jobs. Schedule more paint jobs in a single day as well as eliminate wasted time painting in a contaminated environment.

What can you do with an auto spray booth?

No one wants to be fined by the Fire Marshall or EPA, but if you aren’t using a EPA compliant paint booth that is what you will get! A mobile auto spray booth is the perfect replacement if you don’t have space or money for an expensive permanent paint booth.