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Portable Spray Paint Booth

 Portable Spray Paint Booth

Portable Spray Paint Booth, Anytime, Anywhere!

Have the luxury of painting anywhere anytime! Mobile Environmental Solutions portable booths give you freedom. Never worry about over spray or poor weather.  Made in America and meets all OSHA guidelines.  All materials used to construct our portable paint booths meet the NFPA 701 Test.  With clean filters, each booth exceeds the 98% efficient rate as required by the EPA 6H Rule.

Having a portable spray booth opens the door to so many options!  It can give you an extra spray booth, or replace a non working one in your shop.

With a portable spray paint booth you can set up almost anywhere any time in just minutes

Not only is being environmentally aware good for the earth but it also shows your customers you care.  Here at Environmental Solutions we care about our planet and our customers.  Offering options to take your paint business to the next level.

You can also personalize your portable paint booth with your own custom logo.  Add extra features such as a cargo carrier for your trailer hitch, a booth transport dolly, replacement air inlet filters or replacement exhaust filters. All of these options are in addition to the original cost.

Founded by previous management in the automobile industry Mobile Environmental Solutions fully understand the challenges you face every day and provide a much needed solution!  Our portable spray paint booth creation came about to help mobile paint techs become more efficient, profitable and compliant with the new EPA 6H rules. We have multiple patents pending for its exclusive design and airflow technology.

Once you work with one of our mobile paint booths you will find it very hard to spray in open air again!

Imagine working in a clean environment with great air turnover, very similar to a permanent paint booth!