Mobile Environmental Solutions Presents

The Portable Spray Booth

What’s the buzz about the portable spray booths offered by Mobile Environmental Solutions?

Review from Facebook:Portable Spray Booth

“Great product and even Better Staff and Customer service!

I’ll be taking one home soon!!”

Donte S. C.

Why are customers raving about the portable booth? Because it solves so many problems that occur during painting. Fumes creating an environmental hazard? Grit blown onto the freshly painted surface? Overspray adding unwanted color to other areas of the garage?

The portable paint booths from Mobile Environmental Solutions put an end to all of that. The result: an amazing, fast-drying paint job.

Paint Any Time, Anywhere in a Portable Spray Booth

This revolutionary product makes painting a breeze. The portable booth is easy to set
up. It goes from bag to booth in just Portable Spray Boothminutes.

The home paint booth fits into garages and almost any auto body shop. It can also be used outside. Multiple tie-down straps keep everything in place, even in gusty conditions.

Our portable spray booth is very easy to maintain. They feature several quality air filters that can be quickly replaced when needed. When your project is finished, the booth folds away. You can store it in the corner of your shop until duty calls again.

A Perfect Paint Job Thanks to the Portable Spray Booth

Are you repainting a car or touching up furniture and other items?

You know how frustrating it is to fix painting mistakes caused by the environment. A portable spray booth gives you a clean, windless place to get the job right the first time. When you’re standing in one of Mobile Environmental Solution’s booths, you and your project are protected.

The portable booths from Mobile Environmental Solutions are so high-quality, they’re even on TV.

That’s right, they’re the booth of choice for Ellen’s Design Challenge Season Two.

Contact Mobile Environmental Solutions today at 888-321-1320 and see why celebrities love our products.