A Portable Automotive Spray Booth

That Goes From Bag to Booth in Minutes


Portable Automotive Spray BoothHas your collision repair shop been considering adding a portable automotive spray booth?  

If so, look no further than the experts at Mobile Environmental Solutions.  

Our portable spray booths are Made in the USA and can help any collision repair shop with a more efficient and profitable solution that is compliant to the new EPA 6h standards.  

With our patent pending design and airflow technology, paint technicians will find it hard to spray in the open air again. We have even designed a specific portable PDR booth so your paint booth will stay just that.



What Separates our Portable Automotive Spray Booth?


How are we different?  We offer the following with all our portable automotive spray booth options:

  • 1 23X15HDLT Fully Enclosed Portable Paint Booth
  • 12 Fresh Air Inlets Paint Booth Pads (along with covers)
  • Portable Automotive Spray Booth3 Exhaust Portable Paint Booth Filters
  • 1 Automobile Entrance
  • 2 Employee Entrances
  • 2 Spray Equipment Access Panels
  • 3 Rapid Air Release Slots
  • 4 Emergency Exits
  • 8 Tie Down Straps
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 2 4000 CFM Air Movers
  • 1 Minor Repair Patch Kit
  • 1 Serial Number along with Production Date
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacture Warranty**

We also offer 100% financing and are EPA approved.  


Don’t let your turnovers suffer,

Invest in a Portable Automotive Spray Booth Today


If your shop is ready to take the next step in increasing efficiency, having more control, increasing profitability, and reducing waste, we are here to be your portable paint solution partner, period!


A clean working environment can be achieved in any location with a mobile body shop paint booth set up and it’s compliant with the new EPA 6H rules. 


Our commitment is to provide the most ECO friendly mobile paint booth on the market not only for the businesses we serve, but the people around us as well.


Contact us today to discuss your portable paint booth solutions with one of our expert staff.   Let us help put you on the road to increased profits and efficiency!