Portable Auto Paint Booth

The only made in America portable auto paint booth! Mobile Environmental Solutions EPA approved portable inflatable paint booth. Our system goes from the bag to booth in 5 minutes and can handle any size job!  This makes your business flexible and environmentally responsible.  Every location is a potential work area with our easy to use and set up portable auto paint booth!

Why do you need a Portable Auto Paint Booth?

Clean work environment, ability to paint anywhere, no downtime for weather painting outside.  The list goes on and on!  Showing your customers that you are not only professionals you are equipped for any job, in any location.  All of this while meeting the new EPA 6H rules.

Your portable auto paint booth can be personalized with your company banner.  Not only is this a great advertising opportunity, it’s also a great way to show you are environmentally aware and pro-active!

All materials used in the portable automotive paint booth meet the NFPA 701 test.  With clean filters, each booth exceeds the 98% efficient rate as required by the EPA 6H rule. Listed below are standard with the purchase of a brand new MES23X15HDBL portable paint booth:

  • 1 123X15HDBL full enclosed portable bedliner booth
  • 3 Exhaust paint filters
  • 12 Fresh air inlets along with covers
  • 1 Automobile EntrancePortable Auto Paint Booth
  • 3 Side wall protectors
  • 2 Employee entrances
  • 2 Spray equipment access panels
  • 3 Rapid air release slots
  • 4 Emergency exits
  • 8 Tie down straps
  • 1 Storage bag
  • 2 4000 CFM air movers
  • 1 Minor repair kit
  • 1 Serial number along with production date
  • 1 year limited manufacture warranty

Increase efficiency by spending less time painting in the open. Less dirt getting in your paint and less time spent rubbing out the blemishes.  Reduce your waste by painting in a controlled environment.  Increase revenue by being able to paint anywhere and in any weather.

Call Mobile Environmental Solutions for all of your portable auto spray booth needs!  281-786-4584