MES PDR Workstation


Hail season is here and your paintless dent repair team is ready to hit the streets. Mobile Environmental Solutions can relieve some of your anxiety by giving you the extra space you need to get ALL the jobs done.  

We’ll help you accommodate the extra work and still maximize time and shop space with our mobile PDR Workstations. 

Mobile Environmental Solutions PDR workstations are set up just for finding all those dents hiding in places you never noticed before!

And, you’ll be able to do the work in any place it needs to get done.

PDR Workstation

Made right here in the USA!


Our inflatable PDR workstations are made to accommodate full-size cars, trucks, SUVs, and min-vans and still have room for your tools and workspace.

No more having to turn away hail damage estimates or work due to concerns about weather, shop space or mobility.

Our portable workstations are completely inflatable in 5 minutes, provide a clean working environment, and create the perfect lighting for hail damage estimates and completing PDR work.  


A PDR Workstation that Will Change Your Whole Business.


PDR WorkstationIf your shop has worked on paintless dent repair vehicles in the past, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it is to use.

It actually makes dent repair like an art form – you’ll see!

If all you do is PDR, you can take your booth in the back of your truck or van to any location. You’ll have the same ability to work from any city or state as you would in your own shop.

In just 5 quick minutes, your portable PDR booth can be up and operational.

When not in use, just deflate and store away for the next time. It’s that easy! Or, rent it out when it’s not in use to earn extra money.

The true value of our portable PDR booth is the fact that they are so versatile. You can increase revenue and with walk-in traffic at any time when you have the needed space.

It can provide a true ventilated and PDR area with the preferred lighting environment for your estimators to do a thorough damage appraisal.

Our booth is the easiest to set up and tear down in the industry – In fact, we are the only ones in the industry with a booth like this!


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Explode Your PDR business with our help –

Once you set up one of our PDR workstations you’ll see it is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again!

Check out our financing to see how easy it is to get all the work you’ve been looking for and get it done fast.

Contact us today to see how we can make your PDR business explode this year and for years to come.

If you are ready to learn more, contact us today – let’s discuss how Mobile Environmental Solutions can be your partner this hail damage season!