How Our Painting Booth Specialists

Can Give your Business a Boost!

Every business is looking for a way to get an edge on their competition.

You want to give your customers the best possible quality and service, but you don’t want to have to break the bank buying expensive and bulky equipment.

Before you invest in a permanent paint room for your shop, be sure to take a look at the portable paint booths like the ones available from Mobile Environmental Solutions.

Painting Booth

Our fully mobile paint booths let you take your business wherever you need it, even directly to your customer.

Our booths can be assembled both indoors and outside, letting you expand the area you work in without having to stop other projects first.

When not in use, the paint booth can be quickly deflated and folded up for storage.

Invest in Quality with Our Line of

Painting Booth Specialist Products

Painting Booth

A mobile paint booth will do more than just improve the efficiency of your business.

It will give you better quality, professional results.

You’ll never have to worry about dust or other particles falling into the wet paint and you won’t have to protect your other equipment and work area from backspray.

Our eco-friendly, made in the USA products are fully compliant with a wide range of safety and environmental certifications.

All materials meet the NFPA 701 testing guidelines and are EPA Approved.

With clean filters, each booth has a greater than 98% EPA 6H filter efficiency rating which prevents paint or solvent particles from escaping into the air outside the protected area.

Let Our Painting Booth Specialists Customize Your Equipment

Order your painting booth through Mobile Environmental Solutions and you can have it customized to fit your business.

We offer company logo banners for an additional cost as well as a cargo carrier and transport dolly.

Each booth comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Call us today and our experienced customer service agents will help you get the product that’s right for your business

Painting Booth
Painting Booth