Mobile Environment Solutions Mobile Paint Booth

The leading provider of mobile paint booths in the United States!

Our car paint booth offers a clean work environment that is EPA 6H rule compliant.

Featuring advanced technology airflow to provide the most ECO friendly mobile paint booth on the market today.

Finally, a portable paint booth that gives you the freedom to paint anywhere, anytime!

Our system goes from bag to booth in minutes.

Save time and money painting in a clean environment with less waste. Less time buffing out dirt spots and less product wasted in windy contaminated work spaces.

All of this gives you the ability to schedule more paint jobs in a single day.

It’s important to have a responsible business.

When the community sees you care enough to protect the environment, you will earn respect and future customers.

Envision the extra work you will have when you no longer have to turn jobs away because of space!

Always be ready for the next job, no matter where it is! Paint an entire fleet on the customer’s location or yours.


The possibilities are endless when you become mobile!

The mobile paint booth came about to help paint techs become more efficient, profitable and complaint with the EPA 6H rules.


As a result of such amazing technology, Mobile Environment Solutions has multiple patents pending for our exclusive design and airflow technology.


After working in a clean environment with great air turnover, you will never want to spray in open-air again.


Our paint booths are the only ones made in the United States and we could NOT be more proud!