Looking for a Mobile Paint Booth?

Mobile Environmental Solutions is the leading U.S. provider of portable paint booths with advanced technology airflow for the collision repair industry!  Turn any space into a clean safe environment with a mobile paint booth! Our commitment is to provide a safe ECO friendly mobile booth that is also compliant with the new EPA 6H rules.

Mobile Environmental Solutions is the only made in America EPA approved portable mobile paint boothinflatable mobile paint booth.  For ultimate convenience our systems allows you to have a portable mobile paint booth that inflates in less than 5 minutes.  Now your business can be more flexible than ever all while showing environmental responsibility.

Imagine working in a clean environment that is not only uncontaminated but is also protecting the painter as well as the environment for generations to come!

  • Increase Efficiency- Less time spent buffing out dirt spots, schedule more jobs in a single day
  • Reduce your waste- Spraying in a controlled environment saves materials! Free from weather conditions.
  • Increase professionalism- Showing you’re environmentally responsible to your community
  • Increase revenue- Being able to paint anywhere in any weather you will be able to take on more jobs!
  • Improve your work- EPA compliant so no need for an expensive permanent paint booth
  • Have more control- No worries about over spray on buildings or cars. Sets up in 5 minuets in almost any weather.
  • System uses- Mobile paint booth, auto detailing, mobile prep booth, spray on bedliners, paintless dent repair (PDR).


One Year Warranty

Mobile Environmental Solutions, LLC offers a one year warranty on material and labor against any defects in manufacturing.  The MES23X15HDLT comes equipped with 12 adjustable filtered air inlets that allows for an change in air flow as needed.  This allows for a safer environment for the painter.


From Bag to Booth In Minutes!

deflated paint spray booth