An Inflatable Workstation

Can Supercharge Your Painting Business

Inflatable WorkstationTired of throwing money away with over-spray and time consuming painting touch-ups?

Those minutes spent buffing
out painting mistakes are chipping away at your profits.

Instead, paint in a clean, controlled environment.

How? With one of our easy to use inflatable auto workstations!

Review from D. Curd

Great product and even Better Staff and Customer service!

I’ll be taking one home soon!!

We’re looking forward to that call! As you can see, painting professionals are lining up for one of our full size inflatable workstations. We also offer compact mobile bed liner booths.

These are of the same great quality and perfect for smaller jobs.

Mobile Environmental Solutions’ Best Selling

Inflatable Painting Workstation

Inflatable WorkstationOur inflatable workstation’s amazing, patent-pending design has made it an instant favorite in the painting community.

We’ve even been featured in TV. That’s right, Mobile Environmental Solutions has appeared on Ellen’s Design Challenge.

Audiences across the nation saw the flawless, fast-drying paint jobs made possible by our inflatable workstations.

Isn’t it time you offer your customers the same?

Our product is Made in America. It features a combination of durable materials and EPA-approved filters. The patent pending design is a breeze to put up.

You’ll be painting in minutes. When you’re done, it folds up compactly. You can tuck it into the corner of your shop until you need it again.

Take Your Painting Business to the Customer

With an Inflatable Workstation

Never lose money again when your business is flooded with work. An inflatable car workstation can double your work-space.

It protects your shop from spray and fumes.

Best of all, this mobile solution lets you paint on site. That saves you and your customers a lot of time.

Our workstations are let you paint fast and accurately, without the waste that eats away at profit margins.

Professionals know how to get an edge over the competition. What’s their secret?

It’s Mobile Environmental Solutions.

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