MES Hail Damage Workstation


Hail Damage WorkstationThe space you need for hail season is right here at Mobile Environmental Solutions with our state of the art hail damage workstations.

Made right here in the USA, we are the only provider of portable & inflatable workstations that help your shop with the needed extra space when hail damage repairs hit.  

With just the right amount of light and a clean environment with plenty of room for both estimates or pdr work.

Our hail damage workstations can help any collision repair shop increase their revenue and work space.  

Why our Hail Damage Workstation is the answer.


With the ability to accommodate full size cars, SUV’s, trucks, and vans, you’ll be sure to not have to turn down any pdr work due to lack of valuable shop floor space.

Our portable workstations are completely inflatable and take up virtually no space when packed away and stored.

Hail Damage Workstation

The preferred lighting environment makes it simple for either shop estimators or pdr techs to see all hair damage.

Plus, our portable booths have the proper amount of ventilation and space for your team to work comfortably.  

-Increase shop traffic and revenue

-Preferred “dark” lighting to see all damaged areas

-Lots of space for all types of vehicles

-Comfortable working environment for your team


Are you ready to add the space to your shop?


Don’t let those walk-in hail damage customers get away because of concerns of shop space. Just simply inflate your hail damage workstation and get to work.

From bag to booth in literally minutes, our workstations are easy to set up and tear down.  

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But since we know how easy it is to use one of our hail damage workstations, we are confident you’ll be satisfied.

Call or click today to speak to one of our representatives to discuss how Mobile Environmental Solutions can be your hail damage repair partner this season.