The Number One Hail Damage Repair Booth

Mobile Environmental Solutions is your one stop manufacturer of easy to use hail damage repair booths.  


Easy to set up, great lighting, affordable, and a great investment to expand your paintless dent repair operations.  

Hail Damage Repair Booth


What makes our hail damage repair booths a great value?

-Easy to use and set up – less than 5 minutes to inflate – Bag to Booth in minutes!

-Preferred lighting and visibility for pdr jobs – increased ability to get job done right the first  time

-Easily stored and contained when not in use

-Properly ventilated

-Can double as an additional covered estimating bay

-Adequate work space and easy to maneuver around the vehicle with all your tools inside

Take your Hail Damage Repair Booth anywhere

Don’t turn away opportunities next time a hail storm hits only because you don’t have the space to complete the paintless dent repair work. Our portable workstations take up zero shop space and can be easily set up on a flat surface outside.  


Mobile Environmental Solutions specializes in portable hail damage workstation – in fact, we are the only manufacturer of portable pdr booths.  

Hail Damage Repair Booth
Hail Damage Repair Booth

What are some of the benefits of an onsite hail damage repair booth;

-Potential to take more “walk-in” paintless dent repair work

– Potential for increased revenue

-Minimize use of valuable shop floor space

-Easy set up & tear down – literally from Bag to Booth in minutes


Our hail damage estimates booths can accommodate full size cars, SUVs, trucks, and minivans.


We also offer smaller sized booths and they can be easily tied down to any flat surface.


No more struggling with where to fit in paintless dent repair work for you and your production teams when it gets busy. We make it easy to accommodate any, and all, paintless dent repair work.


Our booths do come in different sizes – call us today to find out more!


Want to learn more? Contact us today and we can show how easy our hail damage repair booths can be to use and operate.