Make Hail Damage Estimates Easy


Hail Damage EstimatesIf you’ve ever tried to complete a thorough hail damage estimate in normal lightning, you understand just how difficult that can be.


It’s next to impossible to identify each “dent” as a result of hail damage in normal, indoor lighting.


The estimator can spend a fair amount of valuable time circling the vehicle trying locate each and every dent.

This can cost both time and money!


Take Hail Damages Estimates Anywhere

What to do? Mobile Environmental Solutions has the solution for you – We specialize in a portable hail damage repair booth that make hail damage estimates easy!


How is this done? Our portable hail damage booths can be set up and secured on a flat surface outside and provide a “darker” lighting environment.

Hail Damage Estimates Booth
Hail Damage Estimates Booth

The darker environment provides the preferred method of lighting to locate each dented spot on the hood, roof, trunk lid, and other areas than can be subjected to hail damage.


Having the portable workstation can also protect your estimator from the outside elements letting them work efficiently and safely.


Our portable hail damage booths are easy to set up – literally from bag to booth in 5 minutes and can accommodate full size cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.


We are the only manufacture of the portable paintless dent repair booths and guarantee your satisfaction.


Our portable hail damage estimates booth can help with;

-Increased shop efficiency

-Less valuable shop floor space taken up by pdr estimates and work

-Potential for increased revenue as a result of taking more “walk-in” traffic

-Better quality work and professionalism

-Designate your shop as the local hail damage estimate and repair experts – Advertise your use

of portable repair booths and use it to your advantage!


The next time hail season hits, don’t worry about where to get all your hail damage estimates completed – set up a portable booth from Mobile Environmental Solutions with no disruption to your front office or estimating staff.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help before the next hail storm hits or catastrophe season comes along!