Portable Auto Paint Booths

Can Rocket Your Business to Success!

Want to have a fast-moving, profitable auto painting business? Want to keep the environment clean and avoid EPA fines? Why not do both?

More and more auto body shopsAuto Paint Booths are investing in mobile auto paint booths from Mobile Environmental Solutions.

These rugged, easy-to-use booths are compliant with EPA 6H and will keep your painting area clean.

Over-spray and dirt blown onto wet paint are a thing of the past in our auto paint booth.

You’ll save man-hours, waste less paint, and your shop will be a fume- and spill-free environment.

Mobile Environmental Solutions Creates Top-Quality Auto Paint Booths

Auto Paint Booths
Auto Paint Booths

There are a couple of mobile paint booths on the market, but Mobile Environmental Solutions stands out above the competition. Our portable mobile paint booths are designed to be easy to set up and taken down.

They have high-performance filters, equipment access panels, and much more. Every component is made from high-quality materials that will last for years.

Our products beat the competition’s in every way. Mobile Environmental Solutions has earned a name for quality. Our automotive paint booths have even been featured in the Auto Glass Digest from Orlando, Florida’s Mobile Tech Expo.

Make your auto shop a success with our auto paint booths.

Where Can You Get America’s Best Auto Paint Booths?

Mobile Environmental Solutions has created a premium product at reasonable prices. We believe in supporting American businesses every step of the way.

Our portable booths are made in the USA from the highest quality materials. Those same booths are helping businesses across the nation.

Don’t rely on our word, listen to what our customers have to say:

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This product is awesome. Works perfect in every way. Best part is Made in America and built to last …

Jeremy M.

Our auto paint booths are the right equipment to help you get that paint job done. Any questions? Contact us today at 888-321-1320.